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Annual Summer Camp 2017

Swale Martial Arts Club Sittingbourne

This years camp was once again a great Success, always being held in August and the Venue was Swale Martial Arts Club Sittingbourne Kent home of the British Sombo Federation Centre of Excellence. The event organised by John Clarke 6th Dan Judo Master of Sambo and Colin Carrot 5th Dan Judo Master of Sambo.


The history of the Camp started in 1965 by the IBF 1st UK President John (Nobby) Clarke 6th Dan Father of Martin Clarke and Grandfather of John Clarke. The first venue was the Schools Journey Centre St Mary’s Bay New Romney Kent abd was over a 4 week period 2 weeks of Juniors and 2 weeks of Seniors.


Nobby had a multiple of different coaches on the course from all over the World and not only featured Judo but Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido and Jiu Jitsu. In the early 1970’s the Schools Journey Centre was demolished to make room for housing, Nobby move the camp down the road to the Army Cadet Camp still using the same format. This was in the halcyon days of the Camp with up to100 people attending each week, this was at time when people were not holidaying abroad and were pleased to have a cheap week by the sea as well as doing something they enjoyed this was to soon change.

Nobby teaching

In 1988 Nobby suffered a Stroke and Heart Attack at his beloved St Mary’s Bay, which he would never recover from he, died December 7th 1990 at the age of 63.

group 5

His son Martin Clarke now an 8th Dan Judo 6th Dan Jiu Jitsu International Sambo Grand Master took over it is ironic that with the passing of Nobby things would have to change for the Camp. Sadly People were no longer prepared to give their holiday time for Martial Arts Courses so numbers dropped and it was now just a week for Seniors and a week for Juniors. The next problem was that Laws had been introduced when it came to residential camps for Juniors, with helpers have to attend special courses this was to become an expensive out lay for the camp and required many more paid helpers.


The Camp had always been intended to offer an affordable course for children from all social classes but with these added expenses it trebled the cost, so ended a very successful part of the IBF programme. It is pleasing to say that may people contact us saying they remember their child hood days at the camp with fondness. So we now just had one week with a maximum of 50 people.


The next change would be the closing of the ACF Camp in the 2000’s we were lucky that the Army allowed us to use a new ACF Camp at their Army Camp at Dibgate Folkestone but in 2013 we told that the Army no longer hired the facility to Non Military Personnel. So it looked like the end of Summer Camp with the loss of facility and with people no longer wishing to train for week, this was great disappointment to Martin as he felt the Camp kept the memory of his father alive.
Yet the 3rd generation of Judo Clarkes would come to the rescue in the form of Martin’s Son John. He suggested that instead of a weeks course he would organise a 2 days course starting Friday night and finishing Saturday. Martin gave John a free hand and it has proved a successful transformation. Part of what made it unique was the fact nearly participants slept in the Dojo over night, with some Beer Waza, Food, Games etc. made the bonding people got at the original camp still part of the modern camp. Sometimes you have to bend and go with the times to make a success. With both knees being replaced and a hip Martin is now just an administrator for the IBF and BSF as he said it was time for him to move aside and let the next generation take over like his father did with him everyone comes surplus to requirements. The Camp will now go from strength to strength.



This year camp was a Friday and Saturday with fight night on the Friday. The fight night had 22 players from all over England and it was one of the hardest for a long time, lots of knocks and bruises for most but that’s all part of the sport.
Course instructors: John Clarke 6th Dan Master of Sambo and Colin Carrott 5th Dan Master of Sambo.


Summer camp had 28 on it and it was an amazing day with players from Scotland, Somerset, Bournemouth, Deal, Dover, London, Bedford, Folkestone and Sittingbourne.
The course was for Judo and Sambo with a few BJJ players as well. The day had everything from throwing, Arm and leg locks, Strangles, hold-downs, turnovers and even more fighting. All the BSF instructors had to take a lesson and an exam, along with everyone doing a grading too.

Sambo Instructors

BSF Instructors Sambo
Level 1

  • Tamas Javori
  • Sim Grant Jones
  • Peter Ireland
  • Joshua Nicholson

Level 2

  • Billy Wilsher
  • Ruslan Neiland
  • Matt Wood
  • Ryan Cottom

sambo black

Sambo 1st Degree

  • Lewis Clarke
  • Ruslan Neiland
  • Matt Wood


1st Dan

  • Francesca Aspey

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