Summer Camp 2014


The Summer Camp was started in 1966 and organised by John Nobby Clarke. On behalf of the British Judo Council MAC It’s first Venue was the Schools Journey Centre St Mary’s Bay Kent. Nobby’s involvement with the IBF started in the 1960’s when he met the Founder Peter Schonewille from Holland he was asked to be the representative in GB which he accepted this meant resigning his position as BJC General Secretary at first this caused some resentment but after a short time the two organisations worked together. Nobby wanted to get involved in a lot more different Martial Arts and attend International Events in 1990 Nobby passed a way and his Son Martin became IBF GB President he introduced CombatSombo, Sambo, Combat Sambo and other grappling sports to his British CombatSombo Association which became a sister associations to the IBF GB.

summercamp2014_01In the early 1970’s the Schools Journey Centre closed to make way for Houses and Nobby moved the ACF Camp further down the road to the Army Cadet Camp next to the Romney Hythe Railway. The Camp was administered by TAVRA (Territorial Army Volunteer Reserve Association) Sadly in 1988 Nobby suffered a stroke and heat attacked he died in 1990, From 1988 Martin took over the Camp and in Mid 2000 the ACF camp was closed and a new one built at St Martins Plain Folkestone until 2011 we used this new camp but in their wisdom TAVRA the owners of the camp decided we were no longer able to use the facilities so much for 40 years of customer loyalty. Todays Summer Camp is just a Friday night and a Saturday at the Swale Martial Arts Club.

summercamp2014_02At its peak at St Mary’s Bay there was 4 one-week courses 2 for juniors and 2 for seniors. We had players from all over Britain, Europe, Canada, USA, Russia and Japan at one point there was 100 people in one week.

summercamp2014_03As mentioned the Camp has now just become a Friday night and Saturday event although with over 25 participants and more expecting to next year 2015 will be a Friday, Saturday and Sunday event. All though not the same as in its hey day things change. Participation in the Martial Arts and Sport generally have declined with society more interested in watching activities rather then participating, yet there is still a hard-core who want to get of their backsides and realise that a healthy body and mind need physical activity.

summercamp2014_04This years Camp had Instructors John Clarke 5th Dan, BSF National Sambo.
Coach and Colin Carrott 4th Dan as lead Coaches. The Camp consisted mainly of Judo and Sambo with students aiming to increase their Belt rankings and some qualifying as Instructors. IBF Examiner Board consisted of Trevor Davies 6th Dan, John Clarke 5th Dan, Colin Carrott 4th Dan and Greg Garside 4th Dan. President GB Martin Clarke 8th Dan no longer takes an active part in the IBF as he is awaiting another knee replacement and has become an administrator for the IBF.



summercamp2014_05Participating Clubs were Faversham Judo Club, Spitfire Judo/Sambo Club Hawkinge, Spitfire Judo/Sambo Club Capel-Le-Ferne, Bedford Grappling Academy, Warriors Grappling Academy, Young Judo Club Bexley, Young Judo club Sittingbourne, Swale Martial Arts Club, Nemesis Mixed Sambo Club


Examination Results:

Kerry Penfold 3rd Dan
Debbie Jackson 2nd Dan
George Loscombe 2nd Dan
Darren Wisdom 2nd Dan
Keith Brown 1st Dan
Simon Grace 1st Dan
Robin Hadley 1st Dan
Ryan Sylvester 1st Dan
Joanna Hadley 1st Kyu
Mike Rudkin 2nd Kyu
Paul Gravies 3rd Kyu
Fergus Hamilton 3rd Kyu
Blake Southfield 3rd Kyu

Luis Reis 5th Grade Blue

Instructor Results

Level 3
Simon Grace
Darren Wisdom

Level 2
Ryan Sylvester
Joanna Hadley
Robin Hadley

Level 1
Paul Gravies
Luis Reis


Cake for successful candidate to 1st Dan Keith Brown from his wife


Colin Carrott must be very proud of his Spitfire clubs as his Son Danny became the Youngest ever 3rd Dan in IBF GB at 21 years in 2007 and now Kerrie Penfold another member of his club has become the youngest female at 25 to become a 3rd Dan

I tried to put together a booklet with anecdotes and photographs from previous participants who can remember Brian Jacks in the late 1960’s taking a line up of Black Belts after the Pub shut and beating them all, or the individual climbing out of the wrong bedroom only to be butted by the resident Ram (Sheep that is), playing Kabbadi at 2 in the morning, the midnight swim, training in the sea, morning breakfast with bubble and squeak with plum pips and last nights custard. There is much more to add but the response has been completely negative but maybe people like me see the past with rose painted glasses

Martin Clarke