Submission Wrestling Grading Syllabus

The same syllabus applies the only difference is that CombatSombo Wrestling is practiced with a Jacket, Submission Wrestling is practiced without. The syllabus is the minimum requirement for grade, extra’s like getting past a guard, turning your opponent over, grip changing etc should also be taught. Both of these are Competitive Combat Sports so all gradings you will be expected to compete against fellow students and you should be entering competitions. Needless to say fitness play an important part in any Wrestling Sport

Grading are available on a non competitive basis for those who are to old or have suffered any injury contact HQ for more details.

You can be graded by a registered examiner or participate in the Camcorder scheme.

 White BeltYellow BeltOrange BeltGreen BeltBlue BeltBrown BeltBlack Belt
1st Grade2nd Grade3rd Grade4th Grade5th Grade6th Grade1st Degree
Hip Throws1234457
Shoulder Throws11234
Throws using Hands12345
Leg Throws24568910
Sacrificial Throws1235
Winding Throws12345
Ground Holds1234568
Leg, Ankle,Knee Locks1234569
Strangles, chokes, Face Bars1234569
Arm, Wrist, Elbow Locks1234567
Combination Throws123457
Counter Throws123457
Throws into Locks123457
Throws into Holds1234569
Counter to holds and locks123457

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