Martin Clarke

Martial arts family lineage

Born on 20th January 1950, Martin comes from a long tradition of martial arts excellence. Father John Martin Clarke 6th Dan 1927 – 1990 English, and mother Margret Gertrude Clarke 4th Dan – German. Together they formed the strong foundation that the organisation has been built.

Martin’s wife Valerie Susan is 3nd Dan Jiu Jitsu, while his children: John Martin William 5th Dan Judo, 2nd Dan Jiu Jitsu, BSF Master of Sambo, Donna Louise Clarke 1st Dan Judo, Susan Joanne Whitby 1st Dan Judo.

8th Dan Judo, 6th Dan Jiu Jitsu, Grand Master CombatSombo and Sambo Wrestling. Black Standard Strength Sets.

COACHING QUALIFICATIONS: Teachers Certificate in Handball & Weightlifting. Coaching Supervisor for the International Budo Federation, CombatSombo International, British Sambo Federation and Academy of Sport and Movement. Founder Member Academy of Coaching and Guild of Sports Internationalists.

Former Borough Councillor, President International Budo Federation GB, President British Sambo Federation and English Sambo Federation, Former Chairman Sittingbourne Sports Advisory Council, Former Treasurer Southern Region British English Olympic Wrestling Association, Former Council Member International Amateur Sambo Federation. International Budo Federation International Council Member. FIAS Gold Medal for Service to International Sambo 2008. FIAS Academy of International Sambo Masters 2008


  • Won in excess of 300 medals in Judo, Sambo Wrestling, Weightlifting (Olympic and Power), Jiu Jitsu and Amateur Wrestling
  • Represented Great Britain at Judo, Jiu Jitsu and Sambo Wrestling.
  • Member Olympic Judo Squad 78/79/80
  • World Games Silver 1985, World Silver 1986 Sambo Wrestling
  • World Silver 1984 Jiu Jitsu
  • European Bronze in 1991 at 41 years, first international at 16 years
  • World Sambo Silver Veterans 1998
  • World Master’s Judo Champion 2001

Since 1980 Martin has organised the IBF National Judo and karate Championships on an annual basis, before that he organised Area and County events for The British Judo Council and British Schools Judo Association, He has organised the British Amateur Wrestling Junior Championships, 5 Multi-Nation Judo Tournaments, 2 International Karate Meets, 1989 European Sambo Wrestling Championships, 1992 World Sambo Wrestling Championships. He has coached/managed Jiu Jitsu, Sombo Wrestlers and judo Players at International and World Events. Since 1989 he organised the International Summer School at St. Mary’s Bay.
Awarded Gold Medal for services to International Sambo by FIAS (World Governing Body for Sambo) only person in GB to receive this award. Member of the Academy of International Sambo Masters (only 8 people were invited to this Academy)

Left School 1965. Agricultural apprenticeship, Agricultural College 1968 – 1969. Various city & Guilds, County Exams and National Certificate in Agriculture.

Coached Professionally since 1971. KEC Coach 1971 – 1980.

Since 1980 Managed the East Street Sports Centre. Owns a small boarding house, in 1990 opened Clarkes Sports Studio, 1997 opened Clarkees Bar. Continues Coach professionally.

Martin For Moscow The Book

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