IBF Profiency Award

The IBF/BCSA has 2 types of Coaching programs:

1) The Coaching Effective Programme developed by Geoff Gleeson 9th Dan & Martin Clarke 8th Dan. This explained in the information below.

2) IBF/BCSA Practical Proficiency Award

There is also Life Experience Award Scheme. (Grandfather Rights) This is a scheme where candidates can apply for Instructor-Teacher-Master Teacher Awards based on proof of the practical experience and knowledge.

1) The Coaching Effective Programme was developed by Geoff Gleeson 9th Dan & Martin Clarke 8th Dan in the very early 1980’s, the concept was way ahead of its time, thanks mainly to the input of the late Geoff Gleeson 9th Dan. If you look at the United Kingdom Coaching Certificates you will see a lot of similarities, yet CEP was developed nearly 30 years ago. If you look below the original text has been copied, you will notice a lot of time is spent explaining what course work was needed and what had to be done, all those years ago there was not the information on how to Coach but as the years have passed there has become a great deal of information available, Books, DVD’s, Internet, NVQ courses are available and much more, so the need for the IBF/BCSA to run such extensive course has diminished. The IBF/BCSA will continue to encourage members to examine in CEF we now allow our members to get their information from other sources.

The CEP is not recognised by all governing bodies, the idea was to develop IBF/BCSA members skills in the Art of Coaching, not just a means to obtain another certificate of competence

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