IBF Judo Instructors Course 2012

Sunday January 15th 2012.

Swale Martial Arts Club Sittingbourne

The course was attended by 8 people form Faversham, Sittingbourne, Hull and Bedford and it covered every aspect that is needed to become a IBF Judo Instructor.

ibf_instructors2012This course is run on a regular basis throughout the country and every now and again throws up a surprise this time it was George Holbrook the Faversham Judo Club Secretary, George who shall we say is in his mature years has been with judo for over 20 years not as a player, but as a parent (both his sons are Black belts) and as an official of the club. Judo has had lean times at the moment I spite of the Olympics (this can be said of many sports) and George noticed that because of work commitments not all the coaches could be present at training sessions so instead of moaning, he decided to do something about it and attend the course. He caused quite a stir with the examiners who said his knowledge of Judo was exemplary and had no hesitation in grading him to Blue belt 2nd Kyu. George within the next year will be joining his sons as Judo Black belts


Level 1
George Holbrook
Adam Dodds
Phil Hollister

Level 2
Susan Tanner
Jamie Marzetti
William Hetheringham

Level 3
Russell Dodds
Lee Reaves.

The course was run by
John Clarke 5th Dan
Colin Carrott 4th Dan

More information on Judo Sombo Karate and MMA contact us on 07074 200150 – ibfbcsa@gmail.com – www.youngjudoclub.co.uk


I was somewhat bemused by the amount certain organisations charge their members and the restrictions they put on them. Recently I heard that one organisation charges £7.50p per child for grade registration and only allows the child to advance one tab at a time no matter how good they are!
International Budo Federation gives its registered clubs a 20% discount on individual membership fees, an Individual membership is £30 per anum. Registered Dan Grade Coaches can grade to 1st Kyu and all juniors’ levels and they keep the grading fees, the only time National IBF get involved is grading to Dan Grade. All membership includes insurance cover plus membership to British CombatSombo Association and GrapplingUk. With the license they can do many Martial Arts plus Sombo and remember BCSA is affiliated to the governing body for UK Sombo, the British Sombo Federation.

It has been several years since IBF GB organised a Judo competition purely for its own members, the reason being members did not enter. It seems to be a general thing in a lot of sports that people, youngsters especially no longer wish to be competitive, so now most organisations and Clubs organise competitions for all and sundry. Even the biggest Judo organisation in the country the BJA has to cancel events due to lack of numbers. In 2012 IBF Clubs will be organising judo Comps in Folkestone, Sittingbourne x 2, Bedford x 2, Scotland x 2 and Nottingham plus we will have Sombo and MMA competitions and of course do not forget our competitions in foreign lands. Many IBF members will be attending the Dutch Open in March where there will be Judo, Sambo, Combat Sambo, Hand to Hand fighting and Karate ask your instructor if your club is going

Membership to the IBF is a bargain and is for all the members not just the very few who want to compete