Capel Le Ferne

Spitfire Judo Club Fun Day

Saturday August 1st 2009

capelThis was the second year that the IBF Spitfire Judo Club have organised this event, Senior Coach Colin Carrott 3rd Dan introduced this event as a way to encourage more people to compete in Judo. There was obviously a Judo competition but the difference was it was done outside with side shows, bouncy castle, running races, burger and doughnut stands more a fete then a Judo Competition. This year attracted people from as far a field as Nottingham, the Fun Day reminded me of some of the stories you read of 200 years ago where people would turn up to test there strength and wrestling skills at this type of event, Although it was fun those competing still took it very seriously, the Juniors were all matched on the day with every child given a medal. With the new Judo rules being used caught a lot of layers of guard especially with the Ippon rule for the 50 years to score Ippon (Knockout throw) it had to be a deliberate throw which had impetus and made your opponent land with force on their back, now any thing that makes you land on your back gets an Ippon. The seniors were all pooled together, the favourite was Danny Carrott but his performance looked lack lustre and David Fingers Diamond took advantage of to throw him for an Ippon (knockout Throw). David has only just returned to Judo after a work accident took of his finger he has come back stronger and fitter, hence his nickname FINGERS, a very unfashionable and unPC nickname, once our Diversity experts see this, they will pull their hair out and demand we all be arrested. The problem with our diversity industry they do not realise that taking the Mickey (urine) and giving each other nick names is an English tradition which bonds us men. Another player who performed well was 17 year old Brown Belt Kalem Hughes who beat Black Belts Ian Lofty Hughes and George Holbrook and nearly upset the apple cart when fighting David Fingers Diamond when got the first score with a Yuko throw. Kalem will be taking his Black Belt at the annual International Summer Camp held at Dibgate ACF Camp Folkestone

The Fun Day was a bit of a sad occasion as well as Spitfire Judo Club Founder 65 year old Colin Ogburn announced his retirement due to ill health. Colin has been involved with Judo for 30 years, Martin Clarke 8th Dan IBF UK President presented Colin with a certificate for Outstanding Service to the IBF

Well Done Spitfire Judo Club for a wonderful day and a special thanks to Colin Carrott

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