2nd Battle of Hastings


Saturday May 15th 2010

Summerfields Leisure Centre
Bohemia Road
TN34 1ET

The Best Ever

seconbattlehastingsThis year was IBF England’s turn to host this Annual Tournament and it was decided to hold the event at Summerfield’s Leisure Centre, Hastings, this was quite a bold decision by IBF England as they have no clubs in that part of England. The reason for this was in the 18 months the IBF, like a lot of Martial Arts Association, has seen a big decrease in membership and membership participation in their events. So it was decided to make this not just a tournament but a weekend break as well. This was done by organising a special weekend break with Haven Holiday Camp at Coombe Haven, this proved very successful.

Why the Best Ever? IBF England organised the first IBF Multi Nation Tournament in Maidstone 1974 Nobby Clarke 6th Dan founder of IBF UK was the organiser since then we have had various venues Sittingbourne, Bedford, Herne Bay, Dumfries yet this event with 250 participants proved the most successful for the first time all countries competing worked together to make it a successful event A special thank you must go to IBF Holland, they supplied the TV Screen Scoreboards and lots of officials without them the competition would not have been the success it was .

The new mats were supplied by Colin Carrott Spitfire Judo Club and the Young Judo Club Sittingbourne our main worry was the introduction of the new controversial IJF Judo rules but a meeting before the event led by the Senior Dutch Referee ironed out the main problems, obviously with anything new there were a few hiccups but on the whole the standard of refereeing was the best I have seen. Competitors and officials were on the best behaviour with none of the tantrums seen at events like this, that was with exception of young 17 years old who refused to accept the decision of the referee and two judges who awarded an Ippon against him, he sat on the mat refusing to move like a petulant child (this was a common practise in the 1970’s). His coach tried to coax him off but to no avail, with audience shouting off,off and booing him he eventually took the hint and stormed off, a silly boy he forfeited his silver medal and faces a years ban, I have deliberately not mentioned his nationality because I believe this would stain his Countries reputation. As it was it was the second to last fight, my reaction was to have him physically removed from the mat until somebody said he may accuse us of assault, so if there are any legal minds out there who specialise in Sport Law maybe they help us and tell us where we would stand.

All countries competing were England, Holland, Scotland, France, Belgium and Germany and for the first time there were no weak countries and for the first Time England was beaten in the medal tally on home turf by the Dutch. The Dutch youngsters still have that vigour to train regularly more then once a week, our English Youth could learn a lot from them but IBF England still put up a spirited fight. I spent most of my time watching the Senior Men and was impressed by the English men some names come to mind Josh Begg, Dan Carrott, Ashley Costa, the Diamond twins all performed some marvellous Judo. John Clarke 5th Dan also told me that the women were something special,he said he had never seen so many big throws. To suggest the Judoka were Olympic standard would be silly this was an International Club Level event which produced some exciting Judo.

I must thank all the helpers who were there the night before to set up, on the day to take down and during the day to officiate, Faversham Judo Club members travelled down on the Friday night after went back and then returned on the Saturday, many officials travelled from Sittingbourne on the day as well. Thanks must go to Keith Costa and Colin Carrott for transporting the mats plus a special thank you to Keith again who has spent over a year with me organising the event.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3U0FfZHR-M (Interveiws with Officials and Competitors)

IBFUK on Dailymotion

Noelle Zandman1u28goldemslandHolland
Chiara hofmansilveremslandHolland
pheobie sprotsonbronzespitfreEngland
josie doust1u32goldspitfireEngland
Bellana NepickssilverF.G.NieringGermany
Anastasia frank1u40goldmaa samuraiGermany
Aimee punnettsilverspitfireEngland
Romain lorenzi1u24goldbruzat sombo acadamyFrance
Gottfried semjonsilvermaa samuraiGermany
Remi de prettobronzebruzat sombo acadamyFrance
Jurrien kugel1u27golduki wazaHolland
Anton parockisilverwoodsideEngland
Charlie deanbronzefavershamEngland
joe curling1u30goldfavershamEngland
owain cullensilveryoung judo clubEngland
reece coynebronzespitfireEngland
roan de munnik1u34golduki wazaHolland
ruben ripleysilveryoung judo clubEngland
harry smithbronzefavershamEngland
velibor geroschus1u42goldF.G.NieringGermany
artur blocksilverF.G.NieringGermany
herman blockbronzeF.G.NieringGermany
ravissa biefel2u28goldmaa samuraiGermany
georgia mccarthysilverspitfireEngland
charlotte medleybronzecloseburn judo clubscotland
annalin exel2u32goldyoko sumaHolland
jennifer drozdowskisilverF.G.NieringGermany
sharon nijlandbronzede westerHolland
marie schabel2u36goldF.G.NieringGermany
hollie cleaversilverfavershamEngland
emilie de prettobronzebruzat sombo acadamyFrance
nina zandman2u40goldemslandHolland
famke hagelsilveryoko sumaHolland
maaike massop2u44goldhofkeHolland
jikke van otterloosilverhenkidoHolland
llona bakkerbronzeyoko sumaHolland
sorenza ramalho2u48goldeuro budoBelgium
xenia kostenkosilverF.G.NieringGermany
joyce doornbosbronzeuki wazaHolland
elora parocki2u/o52goldhellcatsEngland
regina koppsilverF.G.NieringGermany
michela strainbronzebexley yjcEngland
henry dwyer2u27goldyoung judo clubEngland
liam jordansilveryoung judo clubEngland
oliver broughtonbronzeyoung judo clubEngland
jamiro hoffman2u30goldemslandHolland
kaito wilsonsilverspitfireEngland
travis kempbronzespitfireEngland
ron metternick2u34goldchikaraHolland
noah radcliffe adamssilverfavershamEngland
florian lorenzibronzebruzat sombo acadamyFrance
bram ten haken2u38goldheelalHolland
lewis clarkesilveryoung judo clubEngland
frank radcliffe adamsbronzefavershamEngland
leon humann2u42goldmaa samuraiGermany
richard seamansilveryoung judo clubEngland
maarten hofmanbronzeuki wazaHolland
constantine huser2u46goldmaa samuraiGermany
jaimey gebbekensilveruki wazaHolland
lex schofeldtbronzemaa samuraiGermany
todd winn2u50goldyoung judo clubEngland
suinon trappensilvermaa samuraiGermany
maximillian putzmannbronzeF.G.NieringGermany
frazer stevens2u55goldyoung judo clubEngland
charlie hidersilveryoung judo clubEngland
delano van sleen2o55golduki wazaHolland
aysha wilson3u36goldhellcatsEngland
aziza farhoudsilverhellcatsEngland
laura kruger3u44goldhenkidoHolland
xenia kostenkosilverF.G.NieringGermany
lea briotbronzebruzat sombo acadamyFrance
babette woudenberg3u52goldhenkidoHolland
sacha wezbroeksilverde roufHolland
kaat van eynde3u57goldeuro budoBelgium
rene rassilverhenkidoHolland
pheobe dolanbronzehellcatsEngland
dagmar aerts3u63goldhenkidoHolland
anne krugersilverhenkidoHolland
elise vergeerbronzehenkidoHolland
darnell barker3u38goldyoko sumaHolland
alexander putzmansilverF.G.NieringGermany
james harrisbronzefavershamEngland
huib westmaas3u42goldhenkidoHolland
bouke rassilverhenkidoHolland
antonie zandmanbronzeemslandHolland
robin verbeek3u50goldemslandHolland
mateo battinisilverbruzat sombo acadamyFrance
arno blondelbronzeeuro budoBelgium
dennis Tijsmans3u55goldhenkidoHolland
jaimy vossilveryoko sumaHolland
joseph van aerschotbronzeeuro budoBelgium
tobias nap3u66goldhenkidoHolland
lucas van aerschotsilvereuro budoBelgium
danijel krilicbronzeyoko sumaHolland
adam dodds3o66goldwoodsideEngland
mees wolfsilverhenkidoHolland
aaron schofieldbronzemaa samuraiGermany
kirstin sobieroj4u52goldF.G.NieringGermany
danique heksilverheelalHolland
rianne bos4u57goldde westerHolland
melissa bersgmasilverde westerHolland
charissa bosmabronzede westerHolland
joyce paulese4u70goldhenkidoHolland
jennifer vinkesilveruki wazaHolland
Shyarmalie vosbronzeyoko sumaHolland
jolien goosens4o70goldeuro budoBelgium
jenita broeksilverharageiHolland
rowan prilbronzede roefHolland
aad zandman4u55goldemslandHolland
rico annessilverhenkidoHolland
tom franksbronzeyoung judo clubEngland
steve zimmerman4u60goldmaa samuraiGermany
johnson massangasilverjigoro kanoHolland
william macmasterbronzeyoung judo clubEngland
paul bisbrown4u66goldfavershamEngland
josh beggsilverspitfireEngland
aaron nap4u73goldhenkidoHolland
attila de depuydtsilvereuro budoBelgium
kevin lainibronzebruzat sombo acadamyFrance
jeroen jansen4u90goldhenkidoHolland
martyn neefsilverjigoro kanoHolland
branco van sleen4o90goldyoko sumaHolland
alexander van elksilverheelalHolland
angela godecke5u57goldhenkidoHolland
becky passmoresilverwoodsideEngland
carolien strouwenbronzeeuro budoBelgium
jantje spijkerman5u63goldyoko sumaHolland
lucinda verheezensilverhofkeHolland
kerry penfold5o63goldspitfireEngland
lucy parkersilverwoodsideEngland
amy woodhallbronzeeagleEngland
bart kooman5u66goldhenkidoHolland
dhammia vossilveryoko sumaHolland
pim graaflandbronzehenkidoHolland
ashley costa5u73goldyoung judo clubEngland
david diamondsilverfavershamEngland
daniel diamondbronzefavershamEngland
michael blaugeers5u81goldyoko sumaHolland
lee carrottsilverspitfireEngland
henk jan ningbersbronzeemslandHolland
danny carrott5u90goldyoung judo clubEngland
iain hughessilverspitfireEngland
jeroen jansenbronzehenkidoHolland
robert hengveld5u100goldhofkeHolland
martin schwartsilvermaa samuraiGermany
jarno kleinjansbronzeharageiHolland
group 1 6-7-8years
group 2 9-10-11years
group 3 12-13-14years
group 4 15-16-17years
group 5 +18years